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Sgt. Sam is a digital artist that dabbles in computer animation. Ever since I was a little kid I liked to draw. It was after seeing a computer animated short("Love Found" 1987) from "The Minds Eye" that I knew I wanted to get into computer graphics. I got my degree in computer animation and ever since then I've been taking my love of traditional art and combining it with the computer. The part that I enjoy most about this field is that it is the point where art, math, science, and technology all converge. When combining all of thes aspects together to make art, I maintain a 50-50 blend between artist and the technical side of things. Because there are so many wonderful facets to explore in art and animation, I consider myself a generalist as I'm always working on something new and exciting. When I'm not actually making art, I'm building something to make art. Every couple years I slap together new video cards and various hardware to create a new electron sucking number cruncher to help me with my artistic endeavors. When I'm not working on something art related I'm either hiking up a mountain, snow skiing, or playing various video games.

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